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the greatest love story never told

saw you last night & you seemed lost in a dream

4 June

89x, a walk to remember, abercrombie & fitch, abercrombie fierce, acoustic guitars, aerosmith, agent provocateur, alias, america's next top model, art in ruins, asian boys, black and white photographs, blink 182, bonfires, bouncing souls, bourbon chicken, box car racer, boy meets world, boy sets fire, brand new, bubble tea, bubbles baths, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/spike, bunnies, chocolate, coach, coffee, coheed and cambria, colin farrell, confessions of a shopaholic, cuddling, daphne loves derby, dark angel, daydreaming, death cab for cutie, desperate housewives, dior, dirty dancing, disney, eating chicken, edward sissorhands, eliza dushku, elysian fields, emo, footloose, friends, geniune smiles, god, gossip girl, grey's anatomy, heart vandals, hitch, hollister, huskies, incubus, jeff buckley, jesus, jimmy choo, jimmy eat world, johnny depp, juicy coutoure, kill bill, kisses on the forehead, kitties, kylie minogue, late night car rides, laughing, local bands, lost, love letters, midairlove messages, million dollar baby, moulin rouge, music, my best friend's wedding, mystic river, nirvana, north shore, nyc, one tree hill, pink, point pleasant, prada, pretty woman, scribbled hearts, se7en, serendipity, shades of amber, shiny stickers, shopping, sid vicous, sin city, skirts, sleep station, sloppy firsts, snow patrol, soccer, something corporate, starsailor, steve vai, strawberries, straylight run, summerland, switchfoot, taking back sunday, tea, techno, tegan & sara, the a-list, the au pairs, the beta band, the crystal method, the cure, the faint, the get-up kids, the great gatsby, the insiders, the little mermaid, the new amsterdams, the notebook, the o.c., the postal service, the spill canvas, this lullaby, tiffanys, tinkerbell, trance, tuesdays with morrie, unwritten law, velvet revolver, white roses, yogurt, young love